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Monitoring Power like electric power.

Pay Only for the Power You Use.

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Save money - Get Uptime Monitoring Power that matches your usage. Don't pay for unused monitoring power, get an Appchkr - dbchkr for databases, networkchkr for network infrastructure, serverchkr for servers, Inetchkr for latency, appchkr for it all.

Auto-Flex Charging

All Appchkr monthly subscriptions include the option to vary the monthly charge automatically, in step with the target count level actually in use, both up and down. This option is provided for all Appchkr types without additional charge. Pay only for what you use, as it varies, without any extra effort on your part. Others may claim to save you money. We give you the means to actually do so.

Only available with monthly subscriptions, not for yearly subscriptions, nor one-time licenses.


The free verion of an Appchkr must be updated occasionally to the current release, always freely available from this site, in order to continue operating.


What is a target?

  • One target is one networked application running on one machine and listening on one port.
  • That program running on 10 machines constitutes ten targets.
  • Ten instances of that program (on ten different ports) running on one machine likewise constitute ten targets.
  • If that application uses two ports, both of which need to be checked, it constitutes two targets.
Get alerts, view reports and logs, on any device.
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Windows and Linux Computers
  • Appchkrs run on Windows and classic Linux, transparently and interchangeably.
  • End staff fragmentation and cross training...
  • ...With one product for uptime monitoring everywhere...
  • ...Giving you accurate, actionable real-time data when you need it.
  • Contact us for Appchkrs for other systems.
No Monitoring from the cloud [WP]
    Considering a SaaS external monitoring solution? Get more from an Appchkr instead with...
  • External and Internal network monitoring, at lower complexity and 1/10th the cost,
  • An unmatched set of advanced and specialized features,
  • The highest performance/price ratios available.
  • Get direct, hands-on control of all monitoring, and of...
  • All data retention times, at no additional cost, and without...
  • Third party handling of sensitive corporate internal data.
  • Get simple, free triangulation of critical targets by...
  • Unlimited use of the free-forever version.
  • Get the fastest possible outage alert response,
  • The simplest, quickest possible setup, and...
  • Simple, single-parameter pricing, without
    • Unpredictable alerts-based future charges, and without...
    • Any need to monitor and increase numerous feature caps, but with...
    • Exclusive auto-adjust charging flexibility.
  • Choose an Appchkr and...

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